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 Instant, Freshbrew, Roast & Ground and Bean to Cup Range

Crane Merchandising Systems proudly introduces VOCE, our new freestanding range of hot drink machines. The VOCE is sure to increase sales by attracting users to a fantastic looking machine and providing exceptional beverage quality, ensuring unmatched customer satisfaction with every purchase.
The Voce range provides a truly versatile drinks vending solution for all environments where a high quality beverage needs to be served quickly and efficiently. The machines offer a full range of instant, freshbrew, roast & ground and bean to cup (B2C) drinks, plus the option of still and carbonated cold drinks. The VOCE ranges supports cup sizes of 7oz and 9oz, or why not bring the coffee shop experience to your business or workplace with our 12oz ‘Enjoy More’ cup size

VOCE machines are also environmentally friendly, and are manufactured where possible from recyclable materials. VOCE incorporates energy saving software, which can be programmed to reduce energy consumptions during periods of inactivity.

Why Choose VOCE?

Instant, Freshbrew, Roast & Ground and Bean to cup models available

Modern, stylish design – a flat glass door provides the highest quality look and feel

Consumer friendly interface, a choice of numeric or build-a-drink keypad to suit the location

Oltre brewer provides consistently high quality tea and coffee beverages

Available with 7oz, 9oz or 12oz cups, up to 800 cup capacity with the Crane cup drop unit

Surevend™ guaranteed cup delivery system fitted as standard

Power save mode reduces energy consumption but keeps the machine “vend ready”

Operator friendly – easy to clean and service

Common components and simple machine programming

Model shown is a VOCE with Build A Drink keypad and standard graphics

Height: 1830mm

Width: 700mm

Depth: 790mm

Weight: 185kg

VOCE is Crane's greenest machine.

LED lighting fitted as standard
Energy saving software significantly reduces energy consumption
Where possible made from recyclable materials.

Evolution Hot Drinks



Different versions can produce Bean to Cup (B2C), Insant and freshbrew coffee,
latte, cappuccino, mocha choc, hot chocolate,freshbrew tea and instant tea.

A full range of quality drinks which provides a truly versatile drinks vending
solution for all environments where a high quality beverage
needs to be served quickly and efficiently. The machines can offer
a full range of instant, freshbrew and bean to cup drinks as
well as an extensive selection of still and carbonated cold
With its large ingredient and cup capacity, dynamic looks and
user friendly interface the Evolution has been developed to
provide delicious, thirst quenching drinks around the clock.
So, select your favourite from the menu, push the button, and
enjoy the experience!
The Perfect Combination
Match the Evolution with snack, food and
combination machines from the Crane
Merchandising Systems range to create a
total vending solution tailored to the needs
of specific staff/customer preference or
The Evolution bean to cup features the unique CoEx®
brewer. This compact solution allows both full flavoured
bean to cup selections as well as freshbrew coffee to be
produced from a single unit.
Now you can savour the aroma and full flavour of coffee
brewed from the bean or enjoy a long smooth freshly
brewed filter coffee suitable for all day drinking, from the
same machine.
The Evolution Bean to Cup Advantage:

Produces low pressure freshbrew coffee and high pressure bean to
cup selections from single, compact CoEx® unit

Versatile CoEx® unit also allows bean to cup coffee selections to
be brewed under low pressure

Consistent drink quality from every vend

Paper cups for that authentic coffee house experience

Simple lever operated locking device facilitates removal of CoEx®
brewer. Unit can be quickly and easily cleaned in hot water

Market leading solution

Optional freshbrew tea brewer

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